It seems to sense that you would want to complete the driveway repair task right away. Doing it right away is the industry standard since it stops future deterioration. As the owner, you won’t like having a driveway that has to be repaired but is currently in terrible shape. So, it’s better to call your local Paving Contractor Dolans Bay

The difficulty you could have, however, is that scheduling pavement or driveway repairs during the incorrect season might prove to be an expensive error in judgment. Plan large-scale maintenance tasks and new pavement for the late spring and summer. Of course, patching may be done whenever necessary if there is an emergency. 

Here is the top business advice from our qualified contractors: 



Visible cracks on a driveway are unsightly and allow oil, gas, and salt to build up, leading to bigger, extremely deep fissures. Small cracks in your driveway must be repaired as soon as possible since sealing them will stop both the present fractures from getting worse and new cracks from emerging. If you address this issue straight away, a fix ought to work. 


Another indication that your driveway needs repair is if water is resting on it rather than draining. Another reason to fix your driveway is that stagnant pools of soiled water can spread disease or draw unpleasant pests. 

At Auspave, we offer high-quality repairs because we are aware that executing a work well the first time yields a long-lasting effect and satisfied clients. 


Erosion can erode the driveway’s smooth surface, creating imperfections that get worse with time as more cars park there.  


Over time, your driveway’s color will inevitably fade due to the sun. You should keep an eye on it since the powerful rays will gradually degrade the surface of your driveway. Depending on the extent of the weakness, you might be able to seal your driveway to stop future damage, but if the surface is too brittle, it might be advisable to replace the driveway to avoid any issues.  

These are a few of the symptoms that point to the need for a Paving Contractor Dolans Bay



When choosing the best time to repair your driveway, the weather is quite important. Generally speaking, the golden rule is that the warmer and dryer the weather, the better the result. 

After the driveway has been restored, it shouldn’t rain or snow for three to four days. The summer season is typically the greatest time to fix your driveway. 


When deciding when is the optimum time to repair a driveway or call the paving contractor, the temperature is still another important consideration. Your decision on the repair will also affect the best temperature. 

A base layer temperature of at least 5 degrees Celsius is often required for the finest repairs. A minimum temperature of 10 degrees Celsius is required for the top layer. In other words, neither it nor the surrounding air should be too hot or too cold to prevent the asphalt from setting in or cracking under pressure. It is recommended that you have your driveway fixed in late spring or mid-summer. 


Of course, there are instances where fixing your driveway cannot wait until the summer. It is advised to fix the driveway as soon as possible since the bumps or drainage issues might be really serious. The only method to repair in the winter when the weather isn’t ideal is to use cold asphalt (mixed). 

If you select the incorrect driveway repair company, repairing your driveway may prove to be a problem. Depending on the extent of the damage to your driveway, we provide a variety of restorations. To please our consumers, we also work to provide the most affordable costs. 


Inevitably, driveways will need to be repaired or rebuilt because of wear and tear. You may require expert Paving Contractor Dolans Bay for driveway repair or replacement for a variety of reasons. For many years, Auspave has been in operation. We have a top-notch crew of specialists that are skilled in driveway repair and replacement as well as informed about the subject. To help you decide the best course of action to guarantee you have a reliable and secure driveway, one of our professionals would be pleased to give you a consultation. To begin, ask for a free estimate right now. 

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