Pavers are one of the most significant garden decisions you’ll make. They’re necessary for creating a beautiful landscape that your family and friends will enjoy. However, with so many varieties to pick from, paver buying might be a bit intimidating.

Before you go to the showrooms, be sure you know what you’re looking for. With the correct colours, textures, and patterns that suit those of your garden, pavers may make a significant impact, much like the perfect plants.

If anything, choosing the correct pavers is more crucial than choosing the proper plants. Pavers will look the same throughout the year if done by a good paving contractor in Concord. Your plants, on the other hand, will constantly change colour and texture as the seasons go by. Thankfully, there are a plethora of rich and beautiful types and materials from which to choose. But where do you even begin?

Here are our top tips for choosing the proper pavement to create a lovely garden for your house, to help you get started and head down the ‘right path’ with your paving materials and paving contractors in Concord.

·         Choosing The Perfect Style of Paving

In Australia, we have a wide range of paver types and materials to choose from. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks for your next landscaping job. Here’s a rundown of the top styles and what you need to know about them to evaluate if they’re a good fit for you.

1.Stone Pavers:

For good reason, stone pavers are a popular choice for Australian gardens. It comes in a broad variety of forms and sizes to fit practically any landscape, and it’s often regarded as one of the most durable and adaptable alternatives available. If you like a certain style, a professional paving contractor in Concord can probably cut or mold it in a variety of ways.

With such a huge selection, you’ll always be able to discover something that looks great and matches your budget. Make sure you go to a showroom and find a reputable local supplier of materials.

When searching for paving, choose a thickness of at least 3cm to support foot traffic and keep the weather in mind. Flat pavers are the greatest choice for a walkway that will be used frequently. Also, ensure you check paver colour when wet – or you could be in for a surprise!


Sandstone pavers create a magnificent look practically anyplace they’re used. Sandstone pavers are light, bright, and come in a range of colours and colours, adding a sense of Mediterranean grandeur to any backyard.

Sandstone will always survive the test of time and look wonderful for a long time while requiring very little care. Sandstone should be your first choice if you require a walking route that will be utilised frequently.

3.Slate Pavers:

Slate has a softer texture than other paving materials, with a striking but subtle finish. It’s distinguished by its rough-cut form and pastel blue-grey colours. Slate is easy to carve into flat pavers, so it’s another option for high-traffic areas.

The one drawback to slate is that it can puddle easily in wet weather, resulting in slick pavers. As a result, it’s best suited to protected regions and houses that don’t receive a lot of rain.

Before continuing, examine all of the colour options slate has to offer if you’re looking for something striking. It can create a one-of-a-kind look that can’t be duplicated in any other way.

4.Granite Pavers:

Looking for paving with unrivaled strength and durability? Granite paving could be the ideal choice. This more textured alternative has a lot of advantages, including the widest colour variety of any paver.

Most significantly, granite has a stunning visual effect and elegance that complements the other aspects of your landscape rather than competing with them. It’s a fantastic colour balance option.

Granite is a durable, non-slip material that is ideal for pool surrounds and garden walks. Granite should always be on your shortlist if you like what you see, whether it’s in the front yard or the back, private or commercial.

5.Concrete Block Pavers:

For an industrial and modern aesthetic, concrete block pavers are the most recommended by paving contractors in Concord. It’s tough underfoot, which is why it’s used in so many driveways across the country.

Many homeowners are put off by the combination of quality and affordability offered by concrete blocks. You may use them to create practically any appearance and feel, such as paving in charcoal for a dramatic entry, desert sand for a beach, or a splash of white luxury in your outdoor entertaining area.

The nicest feature is that they only need to be washed a few times a year!

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