Tips for maintaining paved surfaces

Hardscapes can deteriorate over time especially if they are located in areas of extreme weather conditions like excess rain and extremely high temperatures. Other reasons for deterioration include chemicals, bacterial agents, corrosion,and oil spills. To maintain the integrity of the paved surfaces, owners should take care of the following points:

1.Throw and roll

According to paving contractors in Bellevue Hill, throw and roll is the simplest technique used to repair cracks. In this technique, a liquid asphalt patch repairer is placed inside the cracks and a heavy vehicle is passed over it. This results in smoothing the fluid into the cracks and works best in cases when cracks need to be filled instantly.

2. Repair the cracks immediately

Improperly placed stones and improperly constructed joints are the main reason for crack formation. Apart from this, the differences in the rates of shrinkage of a few materials within the surface composition can sometimes also lead to the formation of cracks. No matter what the cause is, these cracks should be repaired as soon as they are discovered because ignoring these cracks can result in bigger problems that are more costly and will take more time to get fixed.

3.Wash the paved surface regularly

The best way to maintain or increase the life of anything is to keep it clean. Paved surfaces are continuously in contact with fluids that causes them to deteriorate and thus decreases their life. If washed on a daily basis, either with plain water or with soapy water, the paved surfaces can be easily maintained for years without any costly repairs. There are many concrete cleaners available in the market which not only clean all the extra stains on the paved surfaces but also provide a seal in between the bricks so that the surface is saved from moisture and other unfavorable environmental conditions. Apart from cleaners, there are contractor brooms available in the market that can be used to clean these surfaces. You can even hire a professional for better results, they clean the paved surfaces thoroughly.

4.Add some sealantSealants are considered a very effective product to increase the durability of paved surfaces. The sealants help the paved surface from any damage caused by oil spills or rust. Nowadays, paving contractors in Bellevue Hill use sealants that protect against the harmful rays of the sun that can cause oxidation and discoloration of the surface. For better results, it is very important to wash the surface before applying a new seal. Sometimes it is better to apply double coats of the sealants.Concrete surfaces should be sealed once every four years and asphalt surfaces should be sealed once every three years.

Tips for repairing paved surfaces

You can increase the life of your paved surface by performing the above-mentioned preventive measures, but everything has an end and this is the time when you know that the surface needs repairing. Below are a few common tips given by paving contractors in Bellevue Hill that can help you in repairing the paved surfaces.

1.Fixing raveling

While fixing a raveling,you need to remove all the loose material and then apply a simple asphalt patch to the damaged area. This patch works best when the damage is limited to a small area. But in cases when a large part of asphalt is damaged, you need to call a professional so that he or she can remove the damaged parts and place new asphalt in these areas.

2.Fixing a depression

Depressions are caused by faults in the paving process. If water and debris keep collecting in the depression, this will lead to the loss of integrity and wear of the surface. For a temporary treatment, a patch can be placed on the depression, but it will not treat the cause. For a permanent treatment, the damaged area is removed, and a completely new patch of paved surface is placed in full depth.

3.Fixing potholes

Potholes are small bowl-shaped depressions that are deep enough to reach the core of the paved surface. Their size can be increased as more moisture enters. It can be fixed by using a patch material in the damaged part and then compacting that material with patch tires. The number of patches applied depends on the depth of the potholes.

4.Fixing alligator cracking

This type of defect gets its name from the scales on an alligator’s back. It is caused by excessive loading on the paved surface that causes weakening of the base. This can be fixed by preventing water and debris from entering the cracks and then coating the surface with sealants.

These are just a few tips for maintaining and repairing the paved surfaces, the professionals at paving contractors in Bellevue Hill have a lot more tips and advice for the owners. These tips are proven beneficial for increasing the life of your paved surfaces and are always light on your pocket.

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