Retaining walls

Retaining walls are load-bearing walls, which are needed to help keep the structure of a building or area intact. For properties built on sloping areas or hills, in particular, retaining walls are needed to hold up some areas which might otherwise be in danger of collapsing in on the building. Retaining walls hold up runoffs and prevent erosion.

There are many different types of retaining walls that we have expertise in building. These include block, Celtic, curved, and concrete retaining walls among others. Tiered and timbered retaining walls built by us can also add beauty to the property alongside holding back erosive elements.

Retaining walls, apart from serving a function also enhances the beauty of a property. We have amazing stonework artists and creative designers who can transform the wall into a work of art.

At AusPave we have the resources and the expertise to construct different types of retaining walls of high quality and that can withstand all kinds of loads. We have more than a decade’s worth of experience in constructing retaining walls in Sydney. Whether it is a nice and attractive landscape feature you are looking for in your retaining wall or it is a proper large wall that you require, we can build you a retaining wall according to your requirements. The team at AusPave comprises of project managers, site managers, quality personnel. Engineers, and surveyors. We can visit the site and after assessing your needs can offer you creative and practical designs for your requirements.

If there is a requirement for a large retaining wall, our well-qualified Civil Engineers make sure that the projects comply with safety and health regulations, and that they are built according to the highest standards. We are compliant with safety and quality requirements and also work in accordance with environmental standards of sustainability.

The kinds of retaining walls that we offer include concrete, stone, or timber which can be built to any specification. Reinforced concrete walls can also be built with metal reinforcement if there is a need for an extra-strong wall. We also have crib lock walls that minimize the need for excavations.

Retaining walls may be required for safety purposes but we can convert that necessity into a stylish landscape feature that can complement residential and commercial landscapes alike. We guarantee that you will have your requirements matched perfectly with the services that we have on offer. Contact us now for professional retaining wall construction in Sydney.

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