Paving not only protects land and helps in the maintenance, but also adds curb appeal to properties. Paving is more versatile as compared to alternate solutions because of the different materials and design patterns that can be used. At AusPave we provide concrete, travertine, and granite paving services for all kinds of residential, commercial, and civil properties that need pavements. We also repair, replace, maintain and pave surfaces from scratch.

Choosing AusPave for your paving projects would mean that you have access to a wide variety of materials, colours, patterns, and styles that can help you create a beautiful and durable paved surface. There are a lot of choices when you make the decision to pave. We specialise in large and small format paving, crazy paving, Kerbstone, stair treads and risers, and cladding and capping.  There are many different paving patterns that can be selected which include stack bond, offset stretcher bond, 45 degree stretcher bond, 90 and 45 degree herringbone. We also have stretcher bond, basket weave, crazy pave and cobble fan.

Therefore, it does not matter if you are looking to have a pavement built, or require one to be refreshed, we are the ideal choice for professional pavers because we have profound experience in our field. The projects that we have undertaken include pools and surrounding areas, courtyards, outdoor living spaces, and gardens. For each of the projects that have included paving, we have been able to breathe a new life into the landscape leaving it looking fresh and inviting.

Travertine Paving

Travertine paving is preferred by clients who want to add a natural aesthetic look to their properties. Travertine paving has been popular in recent times, with its popularity exceeding that of other types of paving. The stone has an array of shades that bring out the natural appeal of your space.

Concrete paving

Concrete paving is great for areas that have heavy foot traffic. Concrete paving is cost-effective and durable and allows for a variety of different colours. This paving is suitable for driveways, patio areas, and garden paths, and can suit different needs and requirements very easily. It is an affordable and long-lasting paving solution.

Granite Paving

Granite paving is a great way to pave walkways where there is a large thoroughfare. It gives a non-slip and scratch resistant surface that is stylish to look at and maintains a well-finished look due to granite being natural hard-wearing.

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