Do you want your front entrance or driveway to be paved? Or are you looking for interlocking pavers to use on your patio? Is it for your personal or professional use? You’ve arrived at the proper place for the task. Auspave is a paving specialist and one of Manly West’s finest paving contractors. Paving work is something that we are completely licensed and insured to do. We have a crew that is both experienced and competent. Our pricing is clear and will fit within your budget. We have a track record of completing a wide range of pavement projects.


We unite experience and expertise with the highest level of customer service.

We are the Manly West paving contractors of choice because we understand the value of every phase in the paving process.

Our professionals will be friendly and eager to answer any of your questions about the service you have engaged us to do.

No work is too little or too large for us, and we treat all jobs equally.

We own all of our equipment and materials and take great care to keep them in top condition.

Our service fees are modest, and our experts will present you with a variety of choices so that you can make an informed selection depending on your financial situation.


We attempt to give the design and style you desire using our years of knowledge and more. It’s also feasible to perform the same thing with your current landscape. We must infuse not just strength but also the most up-to-date and long-lasting trends into the surfaces of your houses.


Natural stone is a costly option for garden walkways and patios, but it looks great. It is also suitable for all types of weather.

Bricks: They are a great choice for driveway pavers since they can withstand the weight. They also don’t need a lot of upkeep.

Concrete: Pavement with concrete is long-lasting and elegant, and it’s also simple to build.

Our company also provides maintenance and repair services for all types of pavement in addition to installation. Our specialists would be pleased to help you with everything from driveway pavement repair to walkway upkeep.


Auspave’s experts carefully and methodically follow a step-by-step installation method.

We address a few topics in our strategy, such as determining how much space needs to be covered and assessing drainage in the region.

  • Collecting pavers according to your preferences
  • Digging the base
  • Pouring in the sand
  • Placing the pavers
  • Laying down a layer of sand
  • Sealing the pavers
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Paving in any area or landscape is cost-effective, convenient, and attractive, maximising your outdoor living space. Our staff will aid you in creating, planning, and selecting the best layout for your property. We would not only guarantee that job is producible on schedule, but we would also gladly assist you with pavement maintenance.

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