Landscaping adds a lot of colour and depth to your home. An aesthetically pleasing landscape can be anything that a client desire. It can include a lovely garden, a water feature, or a rockery. No matter what the ideal landscape is, Auspave has an expert team in place to deliver the dream.

From excavating and grading the land to ensuring proper drainage and paving, Auspave offers all the services required to build a durable, efficient, sustainable, and beautiful landscape that adds curb appeal to a property.

Landscaping is a complex process involving architects and engineers in the design phase, masons and labourer’s in the excavation and grading phases, electricians and plumbers in the fittings and fixtures installation process, and horticulturists in setting up gardens and/or plants in the area. Heavy equipment, hand tools, and different implements are also a part and parcel of the process, along with permits concerning the kind of project undertaken.

Auspave has the equipment and the human resources required to fulfil any kind of landscaping project requirements from conception to finish.

The landscaping process starts with a consultation appointment with the client, where the client conveys their vision. Our team of designers and architects then give their practicable suggestions and work out a mutually agreeable solution. The design and planning team then work on a landscape design that incorporates all the discussed elements and is affordable, within budget, and sustainable.

With the design complete, a cost estimate is shared, after which work starts with excavations and grading. We also take care of seating, paving, electrical elements, and plumbing before handing over the finished landscape for the client to enjoy.

Some of the ways in which can help as landscaping and paving specialist include:

Lending our creativity to the project. Landscaping is a work of art, the principles of line, balance, unity, and proportion all apply to landscape design. Moreover, combinations of colour, scale, texture and form are also considered in order to develop designs that are pleasing to the eyes, and bring a sense of serenity and calmness to a property, along with adding to its aesthetic appeal. At AusPave, we have worked on many paving and landscaping projects which is why we are in the know about what ideas are truly unique and innovative. We work hard to bring clients a design that is unique, inspiring, and that it is compatible with project and site specifications.

In addition to being unique and creative spaces, at Auspave we ensure that the work that we do in terms of landscaping has a natural feel. Even when we might use some artificial elements, the way we do it is to enhance the natural feel of the space to give it a soothing effect. The purpose of landscaping for us is to bring nature to people in their homes, and the natural feel of the landscape is essential for this purpose. However, the density of the naturalness that we create depends on the kind of project that is being worked on. For a residential property, the naturalness is more profound, but for spaces that are used by many people such as commercial properties and apartment complexes, naturalness has to be matched with added durability for the heavy footfall and traffic. Nevertheless, we endeavour to create natural landscapes that are charming, and scenic.

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