Excavations entail taking out shrubs, rocks, and material from the ground to convert a rocky outcrop into a landscape feature, to make a pool or pond, or to make a foundation for any other structure. Excavations and grading are commonly confusing services. Excavations entail moving the earth from the land, while grading creates a level base of the land. We have the equipment and expertise for all different types of excavations including cut and fill, dredging, trench excavations, and basement excavations.

We also carry out

Topsoil excavations

These are when the exposed surface of the earth is removed, where the purpose of this excavation is to remove the loose soil that can prevent the area from being able to bear a structural load.

Earth excavations

Earth is the layer underneath the topsoil, and this layer is excavated to make for more stable foundations.

Rock excavations

Rock excavations can be hard so multiple techniques and equipment such as using hand tools, blasting, and drilling are used.

Muck excavation

Muck is a swampy moisture-laden soil that is unsuitable for foundation or building work. Excavation of muck is time-consuming and can be challenging, but you don’t have to worry because Auspave has you covered well.

Unclassified excavations

Excavations cannot be strictly classified because of the kind of material and purposes differ. No matter what the need or material, Auspave can serve you well.

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