Along with the exterior walls of your house or building, the pavement around your property is subjected to extreme weather conditions and rough use. It is walked on, driven on, and even played on. With time it loses its shine and luster, oil stains and dirt together make it less appealing to look at. If there are no major cracks or broken pavers, the paving remains functional but inevitably becomes less aesthetically pleasing.

Installing a new pavement is costly as well as time-consuming. Paving Contractors in Manly are among some of the many professionals who can handle this job for you, however, it will require a lot of investment and may get out of your annual budget if you choose to have it done frequently. Therefore, it is essential to look for other creative ways to make your old paving look new. Renovating a pavement will definitely be less pricey than installing a new one.

Are you bored of your boring old pavement? Is the dullness of the pavers making your mood dull too? Here are some creative ways you can choose from to give your old pavement a beautiful new look.

  •  Clean it up

Keeping your pavers clean will definitely keep them looking new for a longer duration, however, after some time using just brooms and leaf blowers will not do the job. You may require professional help or pressure washers to help you keep your pavers clean. Many a time, you are unaware of the correct cleaners to be used on different types of pavers, and you end up damaging your pavement. Using very harsh cleaning products may sometimes be detrimental instead of beneficial. This is where Paving Contractor Manly can help you in guiding you regarding appropriate cleaning procedures and chemicals.

  • Re-seal it

Brick and concrete pavers are usually sealed using a sealant. The sealant shields the pavement against extreme weather conditions and rough usage. Knowing how to restore color to your pavers can increase their longevity and beauty. The sealer wears off with time and hence needs to be re-done. Choosing the right paver sealer will result in an enhanced look and restored color. You have to ensure that the pavement is properly cleaned and all traces of the previous sealant are removed to achieve optimum results. The pavers should be clean of oil stains, weeds, fungus, moss, algae, etc. The sealant will bring back the lost shine and grace to your paving and make it look new again.

Pavers should be sealed after every few years. You will know when your pavers need to be re-sealed again when its sheen will diminish, weeds will start to grow from the gaps in between and the pavement will lose its color.

  • Stain it

Changing the exterior looks of a property increases the curb appeal as well as gives it a fresh new vibe. Special staining solutions are available that are used to give your old pavement a new color. The type of stains that you can use is determined by the material and style of your pavement. The simplest way of reviving your concrete is to use an acrylic-based stain. It can be applied like paint, using a roller or brush and it leaves a shiny coating. Besides coloring the surface, you can also opt for a below-the-surface stain. DIY color system kits are available that infuse mineral pigments into the masonry work, eliminating the need for a sealer. You can do this in-house or call a pro like Paving Contractor Manly.

  •  Paint it

Similar to staining is painting your concrete, stone, or brick pavers to give them a new look. You can paint the whole surface with the same color or make a pattern using different colors. A unique design can be painted on the surface of the pavement for that fresh look.

  • Tile it

If your pavement does not have any major cracks or breakage then you can easily put a layer of new tiles on the existing surface. Timber-decking tile, for example, is one innovative way to make your paving beautiful and elegant again. These tiles are water-resistant hence, are well-suited for outdoors. These tiles are made from joined-together wood slats and can be placed directly on any hard surface. You can line them up or join them in such a manner as to create a pattern out of it.

A little love and care can go a long way, be it your family or your favorite pavement. Your paving will continue looking new for longer periods if it is well-taken care of regularly. 

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