At Auspave we ensure that we start with a solid and strong base. Any civil project requires that a strong base be present otherwise it can be potentially hazardous to lives, as civil projects are in heavy use. The surfaces that we create have strong bases and subgrades that withhold the wear and tear of the area well, and also withstand the test of time. We offer civil services that include concreting, road works and excavations.

Our civil projects include roads, pathways, parking lots and others that are managed by government agencies. We have had the honour of working alongside civil engineering companies on projects that include roads, pavements, airports, and highways.

The paving process entails surfacing a road, airstrip, or highway with durable material. The pavement serves to transmit the load to the sub-base and soil. The current methods of paving are flexible where sand, gravel, and stone are compacted with a binder with tar. These pavements, unlike those in previous times, can absorb shocks better than rigid pavements.

Rigid pavements are reinforced with metal and concrete and are also used and built by us for various purposes. Some of the civil projects that we have been a part of include:

Runway Pavement

Heavy runway traffic means that the runways should be built in a manner that can stay durable under heavyweight and constant use. We can build modern durable runways that are flexible, durable, and remain smooth for years on end with proper maintenance and care.

Roads and highways:

We have helped build some major arteries and roads, and have also engaged in the development of highways in the periphery of the Sydney region. We carry out subsurface explorations and examine previous records to carry out the work in a proper format.

We, at AusPave are experts when it comes to making roads with the construction projects being supervised by well qualified civil engineers who are knowledgeable experts in road construction. But that is not it, we also have the latest equipment for building roads. We can work according to all different specifications including any loading requirements and foundational concerns. We are accredited and have a strong reputation in meeting timelines, budgetary constraints and quality standards. We are a company you can trust for jobs of all sizes.

We are capable of making Council roads, travertine paving, granite paving and concrete roads, structures, access roads, council crossings, bitumen seals brick pavements, and civil facilities. If there is a requirement, we can also deliver on colourful gravel and ornamental finishes.

As a trusted name in civil projects, we have worked for some major companies in Australia to be part of some substantial projects of road construction. For more information about us, or to consult with us, please call or email us.

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