A quality paving can completely transform your walkway, driveway, patio and pool surrounding area and, therefore, the overall aesthetics of your outdoor areas. At Auspave, we are the best CARINGBAH Paving Contractor committed to creating an outdoor area that is stunning, practical, and unique to our customers. We have over twenty years of experience providing world-class paving solutions for residential and commercial projects throughout the CARINGBAH area.  

Why Auspave is the best?

At Auspave, we use our years of experience in the paving industry to help you choose quality pavers for your project: we ensure that the pavers are installed to the highest standard to give them a longer lifetime. Being an unrivalled paving company in the area, Auspave CARINGBAH Paving Contractor is proud of its design assistance expertise. The fact that we can best advise you on the best course of action to take for your property has allowed us to build a strong reputation among our clients. 

Paving related service

Over time paving has evolved from the standard clay to an almost endless range of finishes. If you want to get the surrounding area of your pool repaired or want a paving solution for your driveways, Auspave has it all specialised. And the types of services we offer are paving, repairing, replacing, maintaining and refinishing your paving requirements.  

Properties we service:

  • Residential building,
  • Commercial building,
  • Civil properties,
  • Pools and surrounding areas, 
  • Courtyards, 
  • Outdoor living spaces, 
  • Gardens and much more.

The granite pavement adds style to your walkways, but if you want something that adds a modern-day look to your property, then travertine paving will be an ideal choice; choose concrete paving if you intend to reinforce your walkways and patio as concrete offers a wide variety of colours and looks to suit your demands.

Team Auspave

As reliable Caringbah Paving Contractors, Team Auspave professionals are skilled in correctly laying and installing paving for your property. Combining their trademark professionalism with high quality paving stones and creative flair, our experts exceed your expectations and create an outdoor space you can love for years to come. Team Auspave can recognise potential problems even before they arise. As a result, you will get an expert’s perspective on what needs to be fixed. We make sure you get the service you paid for! 


Auspave supplies and installs an array of pavement materials to transform your property in Caringbah. The extensive network of resources and equipment is one of the biggest advantages of hiring a CARINGBAH Paving contractor. Auspave has access to complex machinery that is advisable to repair imperfections within no time, which saves you a great deal of money in the long run and is also more time-efficient.

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Your search for Paving Contractors near me always leads you to Auspave Paving, and there is a reason for that. At Auspave, we pride ourselves on being trusted, professional and highly experienced paving installers in Caringbah. We’re passionate about our landscape design, quality paving, and customer service.

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