Do you wish to add value to your property through a paving project and build yourself a space that you can enjoy for years to come? If your answer is in affirmation, Auspave can serve as the best BURRANEER POINT Paving Contractor. Believing in ingenuity, Auspave holds the notion that your paved surfaces should reflect your aesthetics; hence we make sure to provide the customers with a product that is well according to their demands.

Why Auspave is the best?

Auspave has a long history of providing personalised paving solutions for Australian homes and businesses, and many of our customers are either referrals or repeat clients. Auspave BURRANEER POINT Paving Contractor takes pride in the fact that we can advise you the best on the course of action to take for your property. We understand the commercial and financial demands and nail every niche of our field. We provide quality pavements, so when the job is done, it will add value to your property while leaving you with a space you can enjoy for years to come.

Paving related service

The properties we service include residential, commercial and civil buildings, pools and surrounding areas, courtyards, outdoor living spaces, gardens, and much more. And the types of services we offer are paving, repairing, replacing, maintaining and refinishing your paving requirements. Whether you want to get your heavy-foot traffic pavement repaired or want a paving solution for your walkways, Auspave has it all specialised. Auspave provides its customers with a wide range of paving services across many commercial and personal properties.

Types of paving:

  • Travertine paving
  • Granite paving
  • Concrete paving

If you are looking for a paving solution for your driveways, patios and garden paths, concrete paving can suit your needs; meanwhile, granite paving can be used to add style and shine to your walkways. However, to give a natural aesthetic look to your property, you might want to go with our travertine paving.


Team Auspave uses the latest equipment in the industry to ensure you are more than satisfied with your paving product. The state of the art equipment allows us to quickly refinish your property, minimising disruption while also extending the life of your pavements, patios, swimming pool, and commercial and civil building by using top quality material, which saves you money over the long term.

Team Auspave

Our team of professionals at Auspave is credible and reliable; even if you call them in for one issue, they might examine your whole property and notice a few other flaws that would not appear on your radar, because they know what to look for for for in a property. Our trained professionals have acquired the skills needed to perform high-quality paving installations and repairs. BURRANEER POINT Paving Contractors have been working in the industry for several years, which means they are familiar with the different climates and infrastructure your locality offers. 

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When you search for paving contractors near me, it ends with Auspave Paving, which is a reason for that. Team Auspave has an industry experience of more than 20 years which has allowed us to build customers’ trust through the quality of the unparalleled product in the industry. 

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