Do you want to create a lovely outdoor living space for your children? Auspave provides the perfect solution for all of your paving and landscaping necessities. We fully comprehend that concrete can be wet and slippery and cause an eye strain due to sunlight, which can be a challenge. However, pavers can be safe and anti-skid, making them an excellent choice for families with young kids. Our intelligent and skilled paving contractor in Birkenhead Point can assist you in designing a family-friendly paver outdoor space.

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Auspave has consistently provided professional landscaping and paving services for several years. Auspave’s success is built on offering exceptional paving and landscaping services that are long-lasting, safe, and unparalleled by other pavers or landscapers in the region. Our services include paving contractors in Birkenhead Point, earthworks, landscaping, pool design, construction, and retaining wall development. With a skilled group of certified and licensed professionals as part of our team, Auspave is the best paving contractor in Birkenhead Point.

We offer Skilled Paving Services for all types of projects.

Auspave’s paving skills range from expansive government projects to minor private residential repairs. We specialize in high-quality paving projects, road upgrades, community projects, paving driveways, attractive sidewalks, general Maintenance, and child-friendly outdoor areas. We offer convenience to customers by being an inclusive brand with private resources – highly skilled employees, cutting-edge equipment, and an advanced project delivery method that enables projects to be completed within tight timeframes. 

You can depend on Auspave’s expert paving services.

Auspave specializes in multiple aspects, including landscape design and construction, general upkeep, and outdoor space development. Hiring professional paving contractors in Birkenhead Point, such as Auspave, will mean a superior result if you want to accomplish your Paving and Landscaping goals. Our skilled technicians can examine any circumstances and tailor the design to include family-friendly elements in landscape architecture. Our professional landscapers emphasize newer techniques, service quality, and integrity.

Why choose Auspave?

There are some particular elements to be considered when planning a landscape with children. Not only do you want them to love the space, but you also need them to be safe and comfortable while doing so. Fortunately, Auspave landscape design professionals work closely with clients to obtain the best outcomes possible. For example:

  • – Our professional technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • – Auspave places a high value on customer satisfaction.
  • – Our paving contractors are skilled and knowledgeable people.
  • – We offer pricing information and guidance to all of our clients.
  • – We consistently use superior quality materials.
  • – We utilize cutting-edge technology, equipment, and infrastructure.
  • – We offer all our forecasts and estimates in writing and at no extra charge.
  • – Quality is guaranteed in our design, architecture, products, and service delivery.
  • – We work with you to create the perfect outdoor space for kids.

Your children are entitled to the best possible care.

We can design outdoor areas for different age groups while considering all Australian certification elements, providing a safe and eye-catching environment for children to play and enjoy. Our specialist paving contractors in Birkenhead Point can create a space that will give a lot of great family bonding. So, what are you holding out for? Please get in touch with us.


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  •  -The Auspave team members are trade accredited, fully licensed, and covered by insurance, providing our clients assurance that professional people are doing the work.

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