Patios are a great way to have more space outside your home. You can create a cozy environment and socialize with your favourite people. 

People often ask what kind of patio to get. That depends on what you want. This blog will tell you about different types of pavers so you can pick the best paving material. We will also talk about patio design in a more general way so that you can know what might look good to you. 

Concrete Paving 

Concrete paving comes in many different colours and shapes. It is made of wet concrete mixed with other materials and set into moulds to create different sizes.  

One good thing about concrete paving is that it can be made into any colour or design. However, there are some disadvantages to using this for your patio. One is that the colours will eventually fade over time.  

Another disadvantage is that it can’t be formed into thin slabs, which makes it heavy. You can also get the professional help for concrete paving from Paving Contractor Kurnell. 

Natural Stone  

Natural stone is another common paving material. It comes in many different colours and feels smooth. It doesn’t fade in the sun and is easy to cut into thin pieces that can be used to pave patios.  

Natural stones can have fracture lines and natural impurities. But usually, these are avoided during the quarrying process. Natural paving does not use chemical formulations like concrete paving. It usually has a better texture and colour than concrete paving. 


Brick is a material that is used for the patio. People have been using it for thousands of years. However, it is made by heating clay and other materials in a kiln.  

Bricks are substantial and last a long time. They give a neat, classic look with different landscape and architectural styles. There are various patterns that you can choose from, like running bond, herringbone, and jack-on-jack. 


Ceramic or porcelain tiles can be the best way to have a patio that looks different from everyone else’s. Tiles come in lots of different styles.  

But be sure to use tiles and grout meant for the outdoors. Otherwise, they might not last as long. Water can damage your tiles if they are very porous. It means that the water will be able to go through the tile and can damage your patio.  

You can prevent this by using tiles that are not porous. Another bad point is that if the water stays on the tile for a long time, it can get slippery, and algae can grow. 

The Factor that will Help you to Choose the Pavement 

In the following, we will discuss the factor which can help you choose the paving material according to your need. 


When choosing the paving for your patio, think about what style you want. Do you want it to match the style of your house? Often people do this so it looks like the inside and outside of their house are connected.  

Another thing to think about is what kind of garden you have. If you have a modern garden, you might want paving that matches that. Paving can come in different colours and sizes, so you can choose whatever you like. 


Some people forget to think about their more expansive garden when they put in a patio. It can be very convenient to replace an old patio with a new one.  

Still, it’s important to remember that paving is usually one of the most expensive investments depending on your chosen material. The best paving material for you will be the one that fits your garden design.  

The best way to develop a new design is by looking at nice pictures of other gardens. It can help you find the best paving material according to your needs. 


Texture is another factor you should consider when choosing a paving material for your patio. At Auspave, we try to use the best materials.  

Some materials have a smooth texture while others are rough. The texture of the paving material can affect how it looks and feels. 


According to the Paving Contractor Kurnell, the durability of paving material is an important thing to consider. The best paving material is durable and long-lasting.  

The best paving will be strong enough not to break when it rains. It should be able to handle harsh weather conditions.  

Some materials are stronger than others. It means they are less likely to be damaged and will last longer. So make sure to choose the best one 


There are various things to consider when choosing paving material for your patio. We have also discussed the four popular paving materials for your patio.  

Weigh the pros and cons to decide which is best for you. And once you’ve decided, let professionals like Paving Contractor Kurnell help you build the perfect patio for your home.  

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