Do you wish to transform the outdoor space of your property into a fascinating yet tranquil spot? Your paving contractors in Little Bay can help you achieve your desired paving design but what’s the use if you are not going to get creative with your ideas? All you need is a little inspiration. We’ve rounded up these ideas to make your paved area stand out even more.

Random Placement

If you love to think outside of the box then random placement of a shape is a design best suited for you. While symmetrical patterns are a norm when it comes to paving, it does not hurt to be a little unorthodox with your approach. Even if the order of the pavers might seem disorganized, the overall appearance can be visually interesting. The design can be appealing especially when you have some leftover pavers from another project.

Marking a Path

Although a conventional method, using pavers for creating natural movements and defining paths is an amazing solution for larger properties and walkways. Not only does the material allow you complete creative freedom for your designs or elevations but also ensures that it connects one area to another, providing an obvious route for your walkways.

Ribbon design

Ribbon aesthetic is another popular design style, perfect for your driveways and walkways. It features stripes of a different element in your main gravel paving. The gravel absorbs any liquid while the strips, commonly of cement, align with the passageway or tire wheels.

Interlocking paving bricks

Interlocking pavers are becoming increasingly popular as they are long-lasting and easy to remove and repair. Interlocking paving is weather durable, can withstand extreme temperatures, and is ecologically sound as well. Furthermore, it can be stylized to fit your individual needs and tastes by paving contractors in Little Bay.

Grid Pattern

Grid pattern paving, a classical design, is again one of the most flexible ideas we have on the list that you can adopt for your paving. The best part is that grid patterns come in all shapes and sizes, and regardless of the landscape, it gives your outdoors a simplistic appearance. If you have kids, it will definitely bring out a video game idea — one out-of-line step and you are out. You can’t resist it!

In the Round

Round paving in your patio is a great way to create an attractive pattern. Circular slabs and stones are a lovely addition to your garden as they can help in adding a bit of creative flair to your patio. Circular paving is the ideal choice if you intend to have fire pits featured in your patio.

Flagstones and a white Backyard

A setting where you use white flagstones, paint the walls white with white furnishing complimenting the look can be great. Paving contractors in Little Bay can break the monotony by contrasting the paving with light colors to help make for an airy and cool spacious backyard. Make sure to make your elements such as cushions, canopy, and pillows light-colored to give the illusion of space.

Paving with Wood

Paving paired with wood is another beautiful combination on the list. A colorful wood-paved patio perfectly contrasts a stone pavement mixed in with grass for your garden. The final look can bring a bit of a resort vibe to your outdoor space.

Zen garden

Minimalism is the essence of Zen paving designs that are often featured in Japanese homes and Zen gardens. They serve as an escape within your property. Zen paving features concrete as it performs well in an outdoor environment. Also, you may like to add plants and pots, stones, pebbles, sand setting bed, and other contrasting features and textures in your final Zen garden to maintain an authentic Japanese look.

Around the Pool

If your property contains a pool, then using pavers around the pool is a great solution. The lounge is defined with stone or flagstone while the grass and greenery are kept clear. Your paving contractors in Little Bay can help you achieve your desired poolside look that is not only fresh and lively but helps you relax on a warm summer evening.

Free-Form Shapes

Free-form-shaped paving designs have an asymmetrical pattern of multiple shapes giving them an organic feel, making them suitable for informal gardens. Concrete is a paving material that highly complements free-form patio designs.

Wood Slice and pallet wood

To achieve a jungle-like look, especially if your property has large plants and old trees, adopt wood as one of the materials. Wood slices or pallet wood looks enchantingly natural for walkways. Just lay wood slices on a sand bed and let nature do the rest. You can also enrich your short garden walk between the yard and drive by using pallet wood to add a rustic complement to your underfoot vine plants. The usage is versatile, and utilizing a wooden look as a central focus of your design will bring out an earthy feel.

Modern Vibe Outside

If you are looking for a modern vibe for your patio, concrete pavers are a great way to achieve it. Try a piece of minimalist furniture set in a contrasting color or make it seem magnificent by simple black furnishing and white paving. It is straightforward, creative, and simplistic – quite ingenious too.

Tumbled Glass

Let your walkways sparkle with tumbled glass. Expert paving contractors in Little Bay have been known to use recycled glass and pebbles. These can be the focal point of your paving as it is much more common to use gravel instead. Glass comes in a wide array of colors, is long-lasting, and doesn’t fade. Moreover, while impressive, it is perfectly safe for your kids and pets to walk on.

Mosaic Pebble

Your paving can feature a unique work of art as well. However, as jaw-dropping as the final paving floor may be, the process requires laboriously professional installation by your paving contractors and the skilled artisan you hire. In the end; however, a mosaic pebble walkway is sure to impress anyone who steps on it.


No law says that pavers have to be in symmetry. In fact, you can space them apart to produce some really unique designs. Paving stones are not reserved for patios and pathways either. It is all about imagination; you should get artistic with your paving options and let the creativity flow.

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